Building Sales Compensation Formula

Plan Principles and Formula Modeling

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Learn the principles which guide the creation of sales compensation plans

Then build on your new knowledge to turn plan designs into formulas for measuring performance and determining payouts. Resulting from our partnership with Alexander Group, this fresh new course has been created specifically for members of Global Sales Operations Association. The program is led by the leading expert in the topic of sales compensation, David Cichelli.

David Cichelli

Your Instructor

David Cichelli, Revenue Growth Advisor
The Alexander Group

David Cichelli is with the Alexander Group, a sales effectiveness consulting firm. David contributes his knowledge and experience to a wide array of sales organizations. He helps companies achieve their sales objectives through a variety of techniques, including improved channel design, sales ROI, sales metrics, sales forecasting, quota allocation, selling models and sales compensation. David is widely recognized by national professional associations and trade publications for his work in linking sales compensation to management’s objectives, He is a frequent speaker on sales compensation topics. 

He is author of McGraw Hill’s Compensating the Sales Force, The Sales Growth Imperative and The Annual Sales Compensation Almanac. He is an instructor/author for the Global Sales Operations Association classes on sales compensation. 

He contributes articles and research to WorldatWork publications. Mr. Cichelli holds an undergraduate degree from Pennsylvania State University and a master’s degree from Michigan State University

Course Outline

  • Meet your instructor – David Cichelli
  • Course overview
  • Strategy and Connections
  • Sales Process, Philosophy, Growth and Jobs
  • Producers Versus Sales Representatives
  • Types and Funding of Incentive Plans
  • Eligibility, Pay Levels, Pay Mix and Leverage
  • Measures, Weights, Mechanics, Periods
  • Quotas, Targets, Crediting and Special Incentives
  • Conditions / Investigate
  • Producer Plans
  • Commission Formula Plans
  • Bonus Formula Plans
  • Special Designs, 2X and Add-on Plans
  • Commission Formula Only Plans
  • Commission Formula & Base Pay and Threshold
  • Bonus Formula & Base Pay and Threshold
  • Formula Illustrations
  • About the Alexander Group
  • Closing Remarks from David

Who is this course for?

Mastering the topic of sales compensation is a critical driver of success for sales teams. If you are a sales operations professional who is charged with helping to assess, design or administer sales incentive programs, this course is for you!

Packed with Content

A total of 7 modules with over 20 specific topics. Over 4.5 hours of content.

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Fresh content created specifically for the Global Sales Operations Association by our partners at Alexander Group.

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This online content is fully available the day you register for the course.

No. The principles and techniques taught in this course apply to sales teams in any part of the world.

The total running time of the videos in this course is just over 4.5 hours.

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Absolutely. If you buy this course today and, don’t agree that it is worth every penny you paid for it, I will refund the full purchase price. No questions asked. No hassle. Just send Kevin Raybon a message inside the SOPSA community.

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